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Jungian Venture

The Richmond Society for Jungian Psychology
P.O. Box 17792
Richmond, Virginia 23226


In Debussy's tone-poem La Mer, a beautiful cathedral rises up out of the sea and then . . . it goes back under the waters. It seems to disappear. It may be a bit far-fetched, but that's how I see the movement of Richmond Jungian Venture.

Five times a year we convene to participate in a weekend event, and once a year we gather for a specifically social occasion. In between these meetings we seem to disappear. But in reality, whether we've known each other for years or are delighting in new connections, we continue as a community in various ways between our programmatic appearances. Many of us participate in on-going groups for study, such as Centerpoint, or for dream work. Some convene as the JV Board, to receive your input and plan for future events. Others meet informally for lunch with JV colleagues, or keep in touch by phone or e-mail. We "gather" as we meditatively read the JV newsletters; and in a deeper sense we are together--no matter how lonely it seems--as we each contribute our personal soul-work to the evolution of the collective consciousness.

Statistically, we have 300 people on our newsletter mailing list, 122 of whom are current dues-paying members. About 35 new members have joined in the last year. While any one JV event will not involve all of us, perhaps a majority of us participate in one or more events during a year. We come from various occupations, professions and backgrounds, but we are all united in our conviction that the soul is central in our personal and communal lives.

Hal Wallof
Convener, 2000